If you run a business, it is crucial that you cut your costs and increase your profits at every turn. However, this is often easier said than done. Here are five areas that businesses often overspend in to help you realize where you might be losing money that you don’t need to:


While much of the modern business world is using online tools to complete specific business processes, there is still a strong need for paper and ink. Because of all its advantages over digital assets, in addition to being legally required in certain fields, it is not showing signs of going away. Save money in this area by finding better prices for printer ink for your machines.

Cloud Apps

Cloud software is all the rage right now in business. However, don’t let that convince you to overpay for software that you can get cheaper elsewhere. Ask around to see if you can try out a trial version before investing in a subscription or service. Also see if you can replace some of your expensive apps with a free or reduced price version or look for deals on lifetime licenses for business software on sites such as AppSumo or StackSocial


Security is often one of the most important things you can implement in your business. Ensuring that you and your employees are safe is of utmost importance, but not only that, but your business’ data and information. So how can you cut costs while also keeping a high level of security? The majority of pricing comes from installation and set up, which can be deeply cut if you opt for more cloud based option. You can also use automation software to monitor your network and report errors directly to you in real time.

Office Space

Long gone are the days where you needed giant buildings with glass atriums to attract clients. Instead, modern consumers like a more streamlined look which is convenient because it’s a lot easier to manage and costs less. Show them that you care more about the service you provide than the office visuals by downsizing to something more modest so you can reinvest cash into your business. Coworking spaces such as WeWork also offer new options for distributed workforces or even traditional offices by providing beautifully designed spaces from hot desks to private offices. 

Air Conditioning and Heating

You would probably never spend the same kind of money heating or cooling your home as you do in the office. Still, you want to keep people comfortable. The solution is not to crank the temp down, but instead to upgrade your insulation. Your windows are one of the most significant sources of energy loss in your office. If you get more energy efficient varieties, they will easily pay for themselves over time.

When it comes to getting more growth for your company, there are two ways to do it. Firstly, you can cut down your costs. Secondly, you can increase the revenue you generate. If you stop spending on unnecessary items or reduce your spending for them, then you can save a lot of capital that can be leveraged for other things in your business now and into the future.

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