2019 Business Intelligence Trends

Business intelligence continues to transform the way organizations make informed decisions. Over the past few years, revolutions in artificial intelligence and data collection have made it easier for businesses to gather insights, make predictions and streamline operations.

Tableau, an industry-leading data analytics software company, recently released its 2019 Business Intelligence Trends report to highlight some of tomorrow’s movements in the business intelligence space. Here’s a look at some of the key trends to look forward to:

  • Explainable AI: Artificial intelligence is obviously intelligent, but can it be too intelligent for its own good? Through the coming tend of explainable AI, data scientists will be able to better understand how AI models draw conclusions. This will improve our ability to understand exactly how data is being processed and how processes themselves can be improved.
  • Natural language: Yesterday’s databases require a basic understanding of a query language, requiring users to learn particular syntaxes or make queries in specific ways in order to gain insights from their data. Natural language processing radically simplifies the process, allowing users to ask questions of their data without having to understand the mechanics of doing so.
  • Actionable analytics: Through mobile analytics, dashboard extensions for apps like Salesforce or API integrations, organizations can build analytics capabilities directly into their business operations. The result is a streamlined workflow that enables users to take advantage of analytics tools within their existing applications, taking down silos that tend to interfere with day-to-day work.
  • Ethical data: Because of regulations like GDPR and a greater cultural demand for ethics and privacy in data collection, organizations are beginning to create data with more care and respect. Data collaboratives and ethical data collection processes will continue to focus on using data for the public good and stay within its legal boundaries.
  • Data curationOrganizations have begun recognizing the importance of proper data collection processes. Using data curation tools like data catalogs and semantic governance, a company can better capture, clean and define data so its workforce can take action using accurate information.
  • More clouds: Faster than ever before, data is finding a new home in the cloud. As a result, organizations are rethinking their entire data analytics strategies, as data, applications, and services reside in different locations. Through concepts like data gravity, more companies are choosing to place their applications in the location where most of their workloads reside: the cloud.

Tableau’s full 2019 Business Intelligence Trends report is available here.

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